Footsteps of Angels

Com um passo lento e silencioso aproxima-se aquela mensageira divina,

Senta-se na cadeira ao meu lado, coloca a sua gentil mão na minha.

E ela olha-me e sorri-me com aquele olhar carinhoso e profundo,

Como as estrelas, tão imóveis e santas, que do Céu observam o mundo.

sexta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2011


You might think you'll never be the one to save the day,
Or do anything that matters in the world…
But God can take your ordinary life and do great things
When you step out in faith.

You don't need to be the biggest in life,
Don't need to be the strongest to fight for what's right;
Because a hero is great for who they are inside.
Don't need to be the tallest in line,
You could be the smallest in size;
And if your heart's right, you could be a hero tonight…

So will you take the little that you have, and make a change,
For the weak and helpless in the world?
If you embrace the journey that is before you, lead the way;
Your faith will guide you.
And in your weakness, you will find your strength…

And if you feel afraid, when the road ahead looks hard,
Follow your heart.
You could be the flame for a world that fears the dark,
You could be brighter than the stars…

And if your heart is right, you could be a hero.

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